About Us

The Western Safety Group has been operating since 1957 as a forum for sharing information and knowledge on occupational health and safety .

The Group is a voluntary, non – profit organisation, comprising companies, organisations and individuals from the western region of Melbourne. These organisations and individuals come together through a common interest in promoting and developing health and safety at work and a willingness to work together to achieve this.

Over the years, the work of the Group has had the active support of local councils, government health and safety departments and such service clubs as Rotary.

Meeting monthly, the Group provides a network of support for organisations and people active in the field of health and safety; whether they be OHS professionals employed by member organisations, suppliers of safety products and equipment or OHS trainers or consultants.

The regular meetings allow guest speakers to supply members with information on topics ranging from updates on legislative changes to systems for achieving better health and safety performance and management and other areas of concern in the field of occupational health and safety. Additionally, site visits organised by the Group give members the chance to see how other organisations are meeting their OHS objectives and learn a little of what these organisations do.


The Group’s aims are to :

  • promote and stimulate best practice in health, safety and the environment;
  • provide a forum where up to date knowledge, information and practices can be shared;
  • act as a resource for any health, safety and environment related queries;
  • co – operate with other health, safety and environment organisations with similar aims



In 1957 the Footscray Rotary Club convened a meeting of representatives from local firms interested in the promotion of safety within industry. They resolved to set up a formal organisation that they named the Western Suburbs Safety Group.

In the early 80’s following a request from the DLI to include more of the western district of Victoria but at the same time wanting to acknowledge and retain their roots the name of the group was changed to the Footscray & Western Safety Group. with the slogan of “Fostering Safety Throughout the Community”
This was Victoria’s first regional safety group. Since then many other groups have been formed around Melbourne and in country areas.

With the greater awareness and emphasis on safety in the nineties, the Group expanded its area and activities to include more industries over a larger area of the Western Suburbs and in 1997 went through the process of incorporation and changed its name to the Western Safety Group Incorporated with a new logo embracing that iconic symbol of the west, the Westgate Bridge

Since it’s inception the Group has met continuously on the last Tuesday of the month except December and January in a range of places such as Commonwealth Fertilizers, the Footscray RSL, Footscray Electrical Supply premises,..Smorgon ARC, Amcor Fibre Packaging, SBA Foods, Nufarm, and Oxford Cold Storage

Over the years the Group has always been strongly supported and encouraged by the industrial safety regulatory authority in all its guises from the Victorian Department Of Labour through to the current day WorkSafe Victoria.